Chicken rice: Why Singapore’s much-loved dish is under threat

  • BFM
  • 23 days-ago

Rachel Chong loves chicken rice so much she eats it three times a week.

“It is number one on my list. It’s comfort food [and] it’s easily accessible,” she says. A standard order at Ah Keat Chicken Rice, a stall where she eats, costs S$4 ($2.90; £2.30).

For many Singaporeans, a plate of poached or roasted chicken on a bed of fragrant rice is a favourite meal. It’s often referred to as the country’s national dish. As one stallholder told the BBC: “I don’t think Singapore cannot have chicken rice. It’s like not having pizza in New York.”

But this much-loved and affordable meal may soon become harder to get – and more expensive.

That’s because its key ingredient – chicken – has been hit by export curbs.

As prices soar around the world, some Asian nations have banned or limited exports of key foods as they try to protect supplies at home. This week, Malaysia cut the amount of chickens that could be exported.

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